Dr. Judith Hester is an author,

speaker and executive 

life coach committed to helping others achieve 

excellence & perfect  purpose in their life. She is the 

President of Lead by Success and is an adjunct professor at Pillar College.


Dr. Judith has impacted thousands along the path to

success. Judith understands what it is like to mature in life through challenges.  In spite of what your life looks 

like right now, find out how to reach your goals and to lead with success.


  Dr Judith believes that life is  not just good , but best when you understand its value.

Connect with her today to see how this program can...

"Help You Achieve Excellence & Perfect Your Purpose"



Lead By Success  encourages others with the transformational power of effective leadership.  Coaching is the means of stimulating others to reach their dreams in their professional and personal lives. Lead by Success identifies and engages others in the importance of innovation and creativity. The program is designed to serve individuals and corporations in leadership while impacting all sectors of society.

Our masterful approach is accomplished by:


Formal coaching sessions for individuals and groups

Mentoring relationships building on trust and excellence

Strategic plans designed to assist goals development and implementation

Providing accountability and build credibility

Encourge character development

Provide collaborative communication with private & corporate facilities

and much, much more.


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